Write a Must-Read: Craft a Book That Changes Lives—Including Your Own Spiral-Bound | May 24, 2022

AJ Harper

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You want to write a book that matters. A book that resonates with readers. A book that changes lives. And you’re not sure where to begin.

In Write a Must-Read, AJ shares the method she developed and used for more than a decade to ghostwrite and edit bestselling books for some of the foremost thought leaders of our time. She gives you the complete framework she shares with her workshop students—the same framework she used with newbies, big-deal deal authors, small presses, and the Big Five.

The secret: It’s not about you.

When you put your reader first—their desires, their challenges, their point of view, and even their experience of reading your book—you create the connection and trust required to transform their lives. This method also simplifies the writing and editing process and helps keep your inner critic at bay.

The payoff: a must-read book, and a massive readership who serve as ambassadors for your message and your brand.

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