So...This Is Why I'm Broke: Money Lessons on Financial Literacy, Passive Income, and Generational Wealth (Budgeting, Money Management, BIPOC Financial Help) Spiral-Bound | May 9, 2023

Melissa Jean-Baptiste

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Financial help can be hard to find but So… This Is Why I’m Broke gives practical and simplified financial tips for you to financially thrive.

Accessible Financial Literacy and Budgeting for Beginners

”Finally a smart, funny, relatable, and REAL book on navigating finances and wealth-building for Black women! ―Cinneah El-Amin, founder of Flynanced

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An easy-to-follow financial literacy guide for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color). Financial help can be hard to find but So…This Is Why I’m Broke gives practical and simplified financial tips for you to financially thrive.

A safe space for all BIPOC. Financial help is right here! Melissa Jean-Baptiste of “Millennial in Debt” is a first generation American providing readers with accessible financial tips and advice wrapped up in her story of paying off over $100,000 on a teacher's salary. Melissa makes financial literacy relatable and easy to understand.

Action steps to develop your financial literacy. Learn about budgeting for beginners, fixing your credit score, investing, and passive income ideas. With this guide, financial literacy gets broken down step-by-step through interesting perspectives and historical points.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • An accessible financial guide on financial literacy and investing for beginners 
  • The story of Melissa, a “Millennial in Debt” teaching others how to thrive financially
  • Practical examples on budgeting for beginners and passive income ideas, and the best budgeting book

If you’re looking for books for entrepreneurs or financial literacy books for the CEO in your life, grab your copy today! If you liked reading Financial Feminist, Get Good with Money, We Should All Be Millionaires, or More Money Now, then you’ll love So…This is Why I’m Broke.

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”Finally a smart, funny, relatable, and REAL book on navigating finances and wealth-building for Black women! I can't wait to share this book with all the 9–5 and corporate girls!
—Cinneah El-Amin, founder of Flynanced

“A must-read for anyone who wants to improve their financial literacy! Personal finance does not have to be boring and repetitive, and Melissa proves that by the way she makes it fun and engaging in this book.”
—Dasha Kennedy, founder of The Broke Black Girl 

Melissa Jean-Baptiste is a first-generation Haitian American helping Millennials and Gen Z restructure their relationships with money. As the eldest daughter of immigrant parents, she had to lead by example and was determined to achieve the elusive American Dream. For her first party trick, after four years at Adelphi University, she graduated Cum Laude with a BA in English Literature and an MA in Adolescent Education. During her 11-year tenure as a New York City high school English teacher, and adjunct professor, Melissa implemented valuable shifts to her instructional design to provide her students with a practical curriculum that would be fundamental to their personal growth outside of the classroom. She would later become the lead instructional designer and curriculum developer for the English department and Collegeboard Advanced Placement courses.

Melissa went on to write and produce the award-winning web series Millennial In Debt, which highlighted the overwhelming nature of navigating adulthood due to a lack of financial education. As Melissa navigated her own personal finance journey, she documented her money mistakes and lessons publicly to teach others how she paid off $102,000 in student loan debt and bought her first home. As a personal finance and career development coach, Melissa's main objective is to make conversations about money the norm.

In doing so, she hopes to increase millennials' opportunities to obtain financial freedom and build generational wealth. With an audience of over 300,000, Melissa continues to teach fundamental money lessons and lead conversations in a creative manner. Melissa is always one click away on all social platforms by following: @Millennialindebt.