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Hunt, Gather, Cook: Finding the Forgotten Feast: A Cookbook Spiral-Bound | October 2, 2012

Hank Shaw

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Both cookbook and memoir, Hank Shaw provides readers with the alternative solution to diner giving expertise guidance on cooking, hunting, and foraging for your own food.

From field, forest, and stream to table, this is an indispensable introduction to the pleasures of foraging, fishing, and hunting, with more than 50 recipes for making the most of the fruits of a day spent gathering food in the wild.
Hunt, Gather, Cook is a fabulous resource for anyone who wants to take more control over the food they eat and have more fun doing so.”—Michael Ruhlman, author of Ratio: The Simple Codes Behind the Craft of Everyday Cooking

If there is a frontier beyond organic, local, and seasonal, beyond farmers’ markets and grass-fed meat, it’s hunting, fishing, and foraging your own food. A lifelong angler and forager who became a hunter late in life, Hank Shaw is dedicated to finding a place on the table for the myriad overlooked and underutilized wild foods that are there for the taking—if you know how to find them.

In Hunt, Gather, Cook, he shares his experiences both in the field and in the kitchen, as well as his extensive knowledge of North America's edible flora and fauna. Hank provides a user-friendly, food-oriented introduction to tracking down and cooking everything from prickly pears and grouper to snowshoe hares and wild boar.
With beautiful photography, information on curing meats, and a helpful resource section, Hunt, Gather, Cook is a thoughtful, actionable guide to incorporating wild food into your diet.

Publisher: Penguin Random House
Original Binding: Trade Paperback
Pages: 336 pages
ISBN-10: 1609618904
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Hunt, Gather, Cook is a fabulous resource for anyone who wants to take more control over the food they eat and have more fun doing so. It’s a complete reference on foraging, fishing, and hunting, with great recipes by a writer, outdoorsman, and cook with enormous passion.”—Michael Ruhlman, author of Charcuterie and Ratio: The Simple Codes Behind the Craft of Everyday Cooking

“Going to be stranded on an island and can bring only one item? Bring Hank with you! And if you can’t, then absolutely bring Hunt, Gather, Cook. That will ensure not only your survival but your survival with style and good gastronomy!”—Ariane Daguin, founder of specialty meat purveyor D’Artagnan

“In Hunt, Gather, Cook, [Shaw] makes a powerful argument for joining him in a few of those pursuits, if only to become aware of the great bounty that surrounds us in the natural world, even when we live in urban environments—and perhaps particularly then.”The New York Times

“Most of us walk through our world and see water and land. Shaw sees a buffet ripe for the taking.”Tampa Tribune

“More than a cookbook, though there are plenty of recipes, and more than a memoir, though the book is filled with personal stories, Hunt, Gather, Cook is an introduction to a different way of ‘doing' food.”SimplyRecipes

“From recipes for homemade root beer and wild duck ragu to finding and picking nettles, the book is a paean to eating wild.”Garden & Gun

“A deftly narrated story that has us considering doing a little more foraging, fishing, and sure, maybe even hunting, so that we can have an excuse to buy a salami fridge, too.”—LAWeekly

“From rooting around the neighborhood for basic wild greens to breaking down rabbits and hares, Shaw takes the reader on adventures far beyond grocery aisles and farmers’ markets. [His] anecdotes . . . make for a fun read—even if you aren’t willing to whip out the old rifle and shoot a pig for dinner.”San Francisco Chronicle
Hank Shaw is a former chef, food writer, and the founder of the James Beard Award nominated food blog Hunter Angler Gardener Cook. He lives in Orangevale, California.