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Getting Started with Sensors: Measure the World with Electronics, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi Spiral-Bound |

Kimmo Karvinen, Tero Karvinen

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Arduino and Raspberry Pi have become incredibly popular, must-have items: hundreds of thousands of Arduinos and over a million Raspberry Pis have been sold, and the numbers keep growing. Although you can think of both as tiny computers, they are also platforms for creating systems that sense and interact with the physical world. This concise book introduces readers to this killer application of both Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

To build electronic projects that can sense the physical world, you need to build circuits based around sensors: electronic components that react to physical phenomena by sending an electrical signal. Even with only basic electronic components, you can build useful and educational sensor projects.

But if you incorporate Arduino or Raspberry Pi into your project, you can build much more sophisticated projects that can react in interesting ways and even connect to the Internet. This book starts by teaching you the basic electronic circuits to read and react to a sensor. It then goes on to show how to use Arduino to develop sensor systems, and wraps up by teaching you how to build sensor projects with the Linux-powered Raspberry Pi.
Publisher: Ingram Publisher Services
Original Binding: Trade Paperback
Pages: 138 pages
ISBN-10: 1449367089
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Kimmo Karvinen works as a CTO in hardware manufacturer that specializes in integrated AV and security systems. Before that he worked as a marketing communications project leader and as a creative director and partner in advertisement agency. Kimmo's education includes a Masters of Art.