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Chantelle Grace

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I woke up this morning and forgot which direction the sun rises from... then it dawned on me.
I heard a funny joke about a boomerang earlier. I’m sure it will come back to me.
Aging gets old after a while. Pun intended. Gone are the days when you can remember why you went into the kitchen, what medications you are taking for what, and whether you hurt your neck doing something amazing or you just slept funny (and it’s not really funny because, quite honestly, you don’t know if your neck will ever work properly again).
When you need to find humor in the not-somarvellous life changes, pick up Best Old Folks Jokes Ever and chuckle along with everyone else who is growing older. That’s literally everyone. A little laughter can go a long way in accepting the inevitable with gratitude and grace.
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CHANTELLE GRACE is a witty wordsmith who loves art, music, and competitive games. As she works her way through medical school, she knows it's important to share the gift of laughter with those around her. When she's not studying abroad, she makes her home in Prior Lake, Minnesota.