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Sweet Success: A Simple Recipe to Turn your Passion into Profit Spiral-Bound |

Candace Nelson

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For the first time ever, founder of Sprinkles cupcakes, Candace Nelson, is sharing the recipe for success in her new book, Sweet Success. She will walk you through the steps she took to build a globally beloved brand, so you can do it too. Although she deals in frosting, there’s no sugarcoating here. Candace pushes back the kitchen door to reveal mistakes, misses, and lessons learned the hard way. Readers will learn how to:

  • Obtain the key ingredients to any successful business
  • Craft the mindset of an entrepreneur
  • Learn the secret recipe for packaging a product for profit
  • Turn kitchen experiments into top selling products
  • Cultivate a community of brand evangelists
  • Step into a personal brand to amplify the business
  • Know where to put marketing dollars most effectively
  • And much more.


In a time of unprecedented disruption and innovation, people are rethinking career and professional purpose. It’s never been a better time to start a business. Sweet Success dispels the myth that entrepreneurship is reserved for an elite few and is a must-read for anyone with a passion needing a place to start or a push along the way.

At a career crossroads, instead of going to business school like her peers, Candace Nelson reflected on what she really wanted to do—and did what nobody, including Candace herself, would have expected. She poured her passion and life savings into creating the world’s first cupcake bakery. Today, Sprinkles Cupcakes and its Cupcake ATMs have become a globally recognized brand, celebration mainstay and inspiration for entrepreneurs everywhere.

Publisher: HarperCollins Focus
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Customer Reviews: 4 out of 5 stars 101 to 500 ratings
'If you are curious about starting a business that will break through all the noise, Sweet Success is where you should begin. Learning from Candace is like taking a crash course in creativity, innovation and hard work. As a world class female founder, Candace shares her most valuable wisdom to guide readers on the path from idea to exit. A must-read manual for any aspiring entrepreneur!' -—Reese Witherspoon, Founder Hello Sunshine

Candace Nelson is a serial entrepreneur, New York Times bestselling author, Wall Street Journal contributor and an expert in turning one's passion into a profitable business. Candace revolutionized the baking industry when she left a career in finance to start Sprinkles, the world's first cupcake bakery and Cupcake ATM. She followed with the launch of Pizzana, a growing chain of award-winning pizzerias leading the third wave of pizza in the US. Candace continues to expand her portfolio of investments with CN2 Ventures and lives in Los Angeles with her husband, two sons, and Norwich terrier, Willy.