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Duck Eggs Daily: Raising Happy, Healthy Ducks...Naturally Spiral-Bound | October 15, 2015

Lisa Steele

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Author Lisa Steele is one of the most trusted voices in small-flock poultry keeping. Her first book, Fresh Eggs Daily, was all about healthy, natural care for chickens. Now comes Duck Eggs Daily, an equally valuable guide to raising ducks for eggs and companionship.

This is also a book for chicken keepers who want to add ducks to their flock. While ducks can live happily with chickens, ducks are different in many important ways. Steele provides an information-packed, beautifully photographed how-to for raising – and living with – happy, healthy ducks. She examines every aspect of her ducks’ lives, including duck houses and pools, health care, duck behavior and blending ducks into a chicken flock. She provides a breed chart and a selection of favorite recipes using duck eggs.

What’s behind the fast-growing interest in raising ducks? An increasing awareness of the superior nutrition and taste of duck eggs (compared to chicken eggs) and a desire for a personal connection with the foods we feed our families. Foodies and chefs are embracing the appeal of duck eggs. And many doctors recommend duck eggs for people allergic to chicken eggs.

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"As someone who has kept ducks off and on my entire life I find it bewildering that they are often overlooked as candidates for the home flock. They can be easy to keep, prolific egg layers and endlessly amusing to have around. Lisa and I share equally our enthusiasm for ducks and her book sets the homeowner on the right path providing both the knowledge and confidence for success." —P. Allen Smith, host of PBS's Garden Home

"If you're ready to move from the wonderful world of backyard chicken-keeping to raising ducks, you couldn't ask for a better friend and mentor to have by your side than Lisa Steele. With the care and attention she gives every member of her flock and the sage advice she passes along to the poultry community, any bird in her care is, well, a lucky duck." —Rachael Brugger, Managing Editor, and

“I have a duck and goose farm and sell hundreds of thousands of ducklings and goslings a year – yet I found Lisa's book fascinating and couldn't put it down! Great description of ducks and their lives, evident hands-on knowledge, fantastic suggestions, very practical recommendations, and charming observations of her ducks and their actions. This book provides not only the necessary how-tos, but the equally important Laugh and Enjoy Your Ducks chapters. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is considering a quack, a splash, and an entertainer in their back yard or on their farm.” —John Metzer, owner, Metzer Farms Hatchery

“When it comes to ducks, Lisa Steele knows her stuff, offering up the insight and advice you will need to raise happy, healthy ducks. Whether you're nurturing ducklings or wondering what to do with your windfall of duck eggs, Steele's book offers gentle guidance on the art and science of keeping these beautiful, rewarding animals.” —Felicia Feaster, Editor-in-Chief, HGTV Gardens

Lisa Steele is a fifth-generation chicken keeper and creator of Fresh Eggs Daily, the go-to online resource for poultry-keeping advice which has been named one of Better Homes & Gardens Top Ten Gardening Blogs. Lisa has amassed an audience of nearly one million from all over the globe, who look to her for tips on raising backyard poultry naturally, do-it-yourself ideas, and coop-to-kitchen recipes. Dubbed "queen of the coop," Lisa and her work have been recognized by many national media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Country Woman, Parade, and others. As a television and radio personality, Lisa has appeared on the Hallmark Channel's "Home & Family," HGTV's "Martha Knows Best," P. Allen Smith's "Garden Home," and NPR's "Maine Calling" - and hosted the New England regional Emmy-nominated television show "Welcome To My Farm" for two seasons. Lisa's first book was recommended for summer reading on "The View" in 2018, and her popular books have sold more than 125,000 copies. She lives in the woods of Maine with her husband, their corgi, barn cat, and her "girls" - a mixed flock of about thirty chickens, ducks, and geese.