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Introduction to Paddling: Canoeing Basics for Lakes and Rivers Spiral-Bound |

American Canoe Association

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This amply illustrated introduction to flatwater and river paddling will be an important resource for both instructors and those who like to teach themselves.

Written by the American canoe Association and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Introduction to Paddling is an easy-to-understand guide to flatwater and river paddling. Based on an earlier work by the Ohio DNR, Flat-water Paddler, this amply illustrated book tells beginning paddlers everything they need to know, from appropriate clothing to the parts of the boat, from correct strokes to proper safety concerns. Good for instructors and those who like to teach themselves, this book is an important resource for those who like to paddle or want to start.
Publisher: AdventureKEEN
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Pages: 32 pages
ISBN-10: 0897322029
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