Secrets of the Talking Jaguar: Memoirs from the Living Heart of a Mayan Village Spiral-Bound | August 30, 1999

Martín Prechtel

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Twenty-five years ago, a young musician and painter named Martin Prechtel wandered through the brilliant landscapes of Mexico and Guatemala. Arriving at Santiago Atitlan, a Tzutujil Mayan village on the breathtaking shores of Lake Atitlan, Prechtel met Nicolas Chiviliu Tacaxoy--perhaps the most famous shaman in Tzutujil history--who believed Prechtel was the new student he had asked the gods to provide. For the next thirteen years, Prechtel studied the ancient Tzutujil culture and became a village chief and a famous shaman in his own right.In Secrets of the Talking Jaguar, Prechtel brings to vivid life the sights, sounds, scents, and colors of Santiago Atitlan: its magical personalities, its beauty, its material poverty and spiritual richness, its eight-hundred-year-old rituals juxtaposed with quintessential small-town gossip. The story of his education is a tale filled with enchantment, danger, passion, and hope.
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Pages: 304 pages
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Martín Prechtel is a spiritual activist and the author of The Smell of Rain on Dust: Grief and Praise and The Unlikely Peace at Cuchumaquic. Prechtel is a prominent thinker, writer and educator of Indigenous history, language and soulfulness. He teaches at his international school, Bolad’s Kitchen in his native New Mexico.