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Design Your Own Anime and Manga Characters: Step-by-Step Lessons for Creating and Drawing Unique Characters - Learn Anatomy, Poses, Expressions, Costumes, and More Spiral-Bound | August 30, 2022

TB Choi

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For beginner to intermediate artists, Design Your Own Anime and Manga Characters demonstrates how to conceive and draw original characters for these popular art/entertainment genres.

With Design Your Own Anime and Manga Characters, you’ll learn character design for these popular entertainment genres from renowned concept artist and teacher TB Choi. 

  • Constructing a Character. Build a character right from the start with the basics of human anatomy and proportion.
  • Simplifying Forms for Poses and Gestures. Streamline form to develop effective poses and gestures from a variety of angles.
  • Drawing Hair, Clothing, and Accessories. Render authentic details that support your characters and enrich your stories.
  • Conveying Dimension, Emotion, and Character. Refine your use of line, shadow, and form to create visual variety, depth, and emotion.
  • Pets, Chibis, and Sidekicks. Create pets, chibis, anthros, and kemonomimi with personality.
  • Exercise: Design and Draw a Character. Learn a simple method for developing an original character, from mind map to finished drawing.

Filled with step-by-step demonstrations and expert guidance and advice, Design Your Own Anime and Manga Characters teaches you everything you need to bring unique characters to life.

Publisher: Quarto Group
Original Binding: Paperback
Pages: 144 pages
ISBN-10: 0760371377
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Customer Reviews: 4 out of 5 stars Up to 30 ratings
"Design Your Own Anime and Manga Characters lives up to its title as an instructive and visual "how-to" guide for aspiring artists interested in drawing characters or comics in the style of Japanese manga. A wealth of black-and-white illustrations (color is primarily used as highlights to aid in focus, and only occasionally shown in finished examples) demonstrate how to incorporate the basics of human anatomy, portray poses and gestures, add details like hair and clothing, apply lines and shadows to give expression and emotion, and much more. Thoroughly accessible to budding artists of all ages, Design Your Own Anime and Manga Characters is an excellent supplementary resource to broaden artistic creativity."—Midwest Book Review

TB Choi is a character/concept artist and drawing instructor specializing in anatomy and character design. Included among her many celebrated film, animation, and gaming clients are Adobe, EA (Entertainment Arts), Sony Pictures, Guerilla Games, Netflix, Reel FX, Riot Games, Blizzard, and Epic Games. To see more of TB’s work, visit her on Instagram @tb_choi and on Twitter @TB_Choi12.