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Simple Money, Rich Life: Achieve True Financial Freedom and Design a Life of Eternal Impact Spiral-Bound | April 26, 2022

Bob Lotich

★★★★☆+ from 101 to 500 ratings

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A hope-filled money guide to increase savings, earnings, and giving and actually enjoy it all while designing a life of freedom and eternal impact, from the founder of SeedTime Money.

Broken down and stranded 1,000 miles from home with only $7 left in his bank account, Bob Lotich had reached his breaking point. He was stuck in a dead-end job, living paycheck-to-paycheck, and overwhelmed by debt. Bob had been following the world's advice with money and this was the fruit of it. In desperation, he cried out to God for wisdom, for a different way. The answer was a simple four-part formula, one based on timeless biblical principles, and, most important, it worked.

After applying this simple formula, Bob discovered that his financial stress melted away and he finally felt fully in control of his money. As he continued to follow the four steps, he paid off over $400,000 in debt, reached a personal goal of giving $1 million by age 40, and achieved a level of financial freedom he never dreamed possible. 

In his casual and approachable style, Bob (along with his fun-loving wife, Linda) shares everything he learned about achieving true financial freedom, including:
  How to create a money system so you can spend less time and get better results
   The One-Category Budget: get 80% of the results with 20% of the work
   The four keys to earning more in the digital era
   How to automate your way to financial success in less than 10 minutes
   The secrets of a six-figure giver
   Three credit card rules that banks don’t want you to know
   How to save $100s each month while still buying what you love
   And much more!
Whether you are doing “fine” or are in a financial crisis, the included 21-day kick-start will leave you with specific action items to guide you to success. You can have financial security, peace, significance, and eternal impact. Let Bob show you how to reimagine money as it was meant to be: simple.
Publisher: Penguin Random House
Original Binding: Trade Paperback
Pages: 304 pages
ISBN-10: 0593193652
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Customer Reviews: 4 out of 5 stars 101 to 500 ratings
“In Simple Money, Rich Life, [Bob’s] giving away all the tips, tricks, and tactics he’s employed to personally overcome $400,000 in debt and hit his own generosity stretch goal of giving away $1 million. This book is full of big steps made in faith, and it’s also full of practical actionable advice to help you reach your own financial goals.”—Mark Batterson, New York Times bestselling author of Win the Day

“Bob is uniquely gifted to take a topic (money) that most tend to find overwhelming and actually make it simple. If that isn’t unique enough, he (with Linda’s help) delivers the lessons with grace in a non-judgmental tone that leaves you gently challenged, excited, and inspired with your finances.”—Carlos Whittaker, author of Enter Wild

“Some books are exceptionally helpful; others can totally change your life. Simple Money, Rich Life is the latter. Bob Lotich will guide you through each step on the path of reaching true financial freedom. Buy it. Read it. Apply it.”—Chuck Bentley, CEO of Crown Financial Ministries

“Are you frustrated that it feels like you are always behind financially and every time you make some bit of progress, there’s another emergency that sets you back again? This book will teach you how to not just survive but thrive . . .”—Crystal Paine, New York Times bestselling author and founder of moneysavingmomdotcom

Simple Money, Rich Life is approachable, yet packed with biblical inspiration, timeless wisdom, and fresh strategies and tactics that can help you create a truly rich life.”—Patrice Washington award-winning host of the Redefining Wealth podcast

“Bob succeeds where other financial gurus fail: he tells you not only what to do but how precisely to do it. And he does it all in a way that is centered on Jesus and his gospel. Highly recommended!”—Jordan Raynor, bestselling author of Redeeming Your Time

“Effective money management can sometimes feel like a daunting prospect, but this book is the perfect balance between principles, practical strategies, and inspiration, with actionable steps you can start applying right away.”—Ruth Soukup, New York Times bestselling author of Living Well Spending Less

“Bob and Linda see money and generosity through a completely different lens than most. I admire them greatly. Their authenticity, depth of wisdom, and heart to advance God’s Kingdom are deeply inspiring.”—Joshua Becker, founder of Becoming Minimalist and author of The Minimalist Home

“Within these pages lies the blueprint for you to move from merely surviving to thriving financially. The practical wisdom that you will learn will propel you to take action and experience the peace that comes with proper financial stewardship.”—Talaat McNeely, CEO of His and Her Money
For the past 14 years, award-winning blogger and podcaster Bob Lotich, CEPF® has been a trusted voice for Christians wanting to find financial freedom the way God intended. He has shared timeless wisdom and practical strategies with more than 50 million readers, listeners, and students through his blog, online courses, and SeedTime Money podcast. Bob and his wife, Linda, live in Franklin, Tenessee, with their three children.