Polaris: The Art of Meyoco Spiral-Bound | February 2, 2021


★★★★☆+ from 101 to 500 ratings

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Welcome to the dreamlike pastel-colored world created by Meyoco.
Discover all with Polaris, her first commercial work collection.
Meyoco is an illustrator based in Southeast Asia who has gained popularity mainly on social media. Natural elements such as flowers, waves, leaves, stars, and bubbles are suddenly infused with a cute and lovely quality when Meyoco colors them in pastels. Meyoco’s wonderfully dreamlike illustrations have won her an increasing number of fans of her social media accounts; as of April 2020, the number of her followers has exceeded 1.22 million on Instagram and 270K on Twitter. This book contains about 240 illustrations that have been carefully chosen from those she has presented in her social media account. It also includes artworks that have been newly drawn for this book, along with some watercolor paintings from Meyoco’s early published collections: doujinshi, “Foliage”, “REVERIE” and “Bodies of Water”. Meyoco also explains the concept of her artworks in her own words. These cute characters and motifs drawn in lovely colors are sure to appeal to people all over the world.
Publisher: Ingram Publisher Services
Original Binding: Paperback B5-Henkei Size
Pages: 192 pages
ISBN-10: 4756253776
Item Weight: 1.1 lbs
Dimensions: 7.4 x 0.88 x 7.7 inches
Customer Reviews: 4 out of 5 stars 101 to 500 ratings
Meyoco is an illustrator/artist based in Southeast Asia who creates products inspired by manga, anime and pop culture. Inspired by nature, she frequently chooses natural elements such as floras, wave, sand, and celestial objects as motifs for her illustrations. Her passion is to infuse a little bit of magic to someone's life with her dreamlike pastel-colored illustrations.