True and The Rainbow Kingdom: 5-Minute Goodnight Stories : 7 stories Spiral-Bound | November 16, 2021

Anne Paradis (Adapted by), Guru Animation Studio Ltd (Illustrated by), Robin Bright (Adapted by)

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Discover the Rainbow Kingdom with True and her Friends!

Join True's best friends on their fantastic adventures!

Snuggle up and find all your favorite True bedtime stories in this illustrated storybook collection! These stories teach the values of cooperation, compassion, kindness, friendship, mindfulness, and determination. The vibrant illustrations encourage little ones to stay engaged. This book includes 7 stories:

  • The Great Rainbow Race
  • The Magical Flower
  • The Living Sea
  • A Sticky Rescue
  • A Snoozy Sleepover
  • True’s Birthday Party
  • The Cosmic Feather

About True and the Rainbow Kingdom:

True is a fearless eight-year-old who helps the whimsical citizens of the Rainbow Kingdom alongside her best friend, Bartleby the Cat. When something goes awry in the Kingdom, True is the only one with the ability to wake the powers of the Magical Wishes of the Wishing Tree. She keeps the citizens safe and empower those around her with imagination, empathy, and mindfulness. The books are drawn from the animated series produced by Guru Studio, based on a concept by famed artist collective Friends With You, in collaboration with Home Plate Entertainment and Pharrell Williams’ multimedia creative collective I am OTHER.

Publisher: Ingram Publisher Services
Original Binding: Hardcover Picture Book
Pages: 124 pages
ISBN-10: 2898023159
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