The Stahl House: Case Study House #22 : The Making of a Modernist Icon Spiral-Bound | November 2, 2021

Bruce Stahl, Shari Stahl Gronwald, Kim Cross (With)

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The official biography of a midcentury modern architectural gem and the family that made it their home.

The Stahl House—envisioned by owners Buck and Carlotta Stahl and designed by architect Pierre Koenig—has been an icon of midcentury modern architecture since its construction in the 1960s. The glass and iron structure perched in the Hollywood Hills broke architectural rules and conventions, blurred the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, and has come to embody the idealism of a generation. The groundbreaking yet modest two-bedroom, 2,300-square-foot house with glass walls that disappear into a 270-degree panorama of Los Angeles has appeared in countless high-end ad campaigns, in film, and on television, cementing its lasting prominence in contemporary culture.

Bringing together extensive research and interviews, never-before-seen sketches, blueprints, and plans, as well as photos from the Stahl family’s personal collection, The Stahl House: Case Study House #22 provides the ultimate insider’s view into a pioneering feat of architecture. Discover the Stahl House in a new light with this compelling book that Vanity Fair calls "a love song to a global icon."

A NEW LOOK AT A CLASSIC: The story of the Stahl family, who for years have generously opened their home to architecture and design lovers from all over the world, provides a new perspective on this iconic building.

STUNNING PHOTOGRAPHY: Photographer Julius Shulman’s iconic shots immortalized the Stahl house; these are featured along with new photography and spreads from advertisements, film, and television, making this book a true visual treat.

DELUXE COFFEE TABLE BOOK: This hardcover volume includes full-color and black-and-white photography, and captivating spreads on nearly every page. It belongs on every architecture and design lover’s bookshelf or display table.

Perfect for:
  • Interior decorators and designers
  • Architecture fans, readers of Architectural Digest and design magazines
  • Midcentury modern design enthusiasts; fans of modern Japanese, California, and Palm-Springs-style architecture
  • Readers of architecture books such as Atlas of Mid-Century Modern Houses, Case Study Houses, and photography books by Annie Liebowitz
  • Anyone interested in the history and culture of Los Angeles and the Hollywood Hills
  • Anyone looking for a distinctive, design-conscious gift for any occasion
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“Bruce Stahl and Shari Stahl Gronwald offer an intimate biography of ‘one of the great architectural wonders of Los Angeles’: the Stahl House, designed by Pierre Koenig and completed in 1960, and the house they grew up in…. Those with an interest in the human side of design and architecture will be captivated.” —Publishers Weekly

Bruce Stahl and Shari Stahl Gronwald are siblings who grew up in Case Study House #22 and who own and care for it to this day. They generously open their home up to architectural tours and as a film location. Both are committed to honoring their parents' legacy by sharing the full story of how this miraculous home came about.

Kim Cross is an award-winning writer. Her highly acclaimed book, What Stands in a Storm, was published by Atria Books in 2015. Her writing has also appeared on, USA TODAY, Southern Living, and many more.