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Catwoman: Lonely City Spiral-Bound | December 20, 2022

Cliff Chiang, Cliff Chiang (Illustrated by)


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In a world without Batman…will Selina Kyle’s old wounds tear Gotham City apart? Cliff Chiang writes and illustrates the ultimate Catwoman masterpiece!

Ten years ago, the massacre known as Fools’ Night claimed the lives of Batman, the Joker, Nightwing, and Commissioner Gordon…and sent Selina Kyle, the Catwoman, to prison.
A decade later, Gotham has grown up—it’s put away costumed heroism and villainy as childish things. The new Gotham is cleaner, safer…and a lot less free, under the watchful eye of Mayor Harvey Dent and his Batcops. It’s into this new city that Selina Kyle returns, a changed woman…with her mind on that one last big score: the secrets hidden inside the Batcave! She doesn’t need the money—she just needs to know…who is “Orpheus”?  
Visionary creator Cliff Chiang (Wonder Woman, Paper Girls) writes, draws, colors, and letters the story of a world without Batman, where one woman’s wounds threaten to tear apart an entire city! It’s an unmissable artistic statement that will change the way you see Gotham’s heroes and villains forever!
This volume collects Catwoman: Lonely City #1-4.
Publisher: Penguin Random House
Original Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 224 pages
ISBN-10: 1779516363
Item Weight: 1.9 lbs
Dimensions: 8.7 x 0.7 x 11.2 inches
Cliff Chiang’s artwork has been hailed for its “fluid and confident storytelling” and “sweeping linework and nuanced style.” Graduating from Harvard University with a joint degree in English Literature and Visual Arts, he worked in editorial at Disney Adventures magazine and Vertigo/DC Comics before making the leap into freelance illustration. Clients include DC Comics, GQ magazine, Lucasfilm, Warner Animation, Dark Horse Comics, Dynamic Forces Entertainment, and the ACLU.  

Author Residence: Brooklyn, NY

Author Hometown: New York, NY