Slow Living: The Secrets to Slowing Down and Noticing the Simple Joys Anywhere (Decorating Book for Homebodies, Happiness Book) Spiral-Bound | April 11, 2023

Helena Woods

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Living peacefully is within reach if you slow down your life. With slow living you, too, can embrace simple living and mindfulness for peace-induced days!

Make Slow Living Part of Your Everyday!

Slow Living is a work of art…I observed a sense of calm within myself as I read its pages and appreciated the beautiful pictures.” —Andrea Henkels, author of Herman Heals His Heart

Living peacefully is within reach if you slow down your life. With Slow Living, you too can embrace simple living and mindfulness for peace-induced days!

Looking for peace and happiness? Book a personal reading hour with Slow Living, your guide on how to slow down your life and live peacefully. Helena Woods, author and creator of popular YouTube channel Simple Joys, reveals the wisdom she has learned by moving abroad from the US and living a slower life in France. With beautiful prose and original photography, she provides inspiration and guidance to create a simple living environment wherever you are.

Slow Living is for anyone looking to simplify life. Personal growth books for women tend to leave out men and children, but this book was intentionally crafted with everyone in mind! If you're looking for how to improve yourself and how to get into simple living, then this is the guide for you! For many, a slow European lifestyle seems out of reach, but with the direction in this book, readers are able to craft this lifestyle for themselves anywhere, anytime.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Ways to value quiet moments, which bring simple joys to your life
  • How slow living takes root when less becomes more in your home
  • A guide on how to simplify your everyday life for mental clarity
  • How to create routines that enrich your mind and feed your soul

If you like books for homebodies or if you enjoyed Slow, Essentialism, or Simple Pleasures, you’ll love Slow Living.

Publisher: Mango Publishing Group
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Pages: 256 pages
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Customer Reviews: 4 out of 5 stars Up to 30 ratings

I loved the sentiment Helena showed toward nature which allowed me to slow down, breathe, and enjoy visualizing animals that were quite vivid. I loved the vision of the snail and the significance of all of God’s creatures. Thank you, Helena, for allowing me, once again, to enjoy life.

—Janice in France, YouTuber

“Deeply inspiring. Helena shares her unique vision for living a beautiful and intentional life. After reading this book, you will feel inspired to go out and connect with nature, pay attention to the little details of your life, and tune into your inner voice.”

—Sophie Daquis, Malama Life, YouTuber

Helena’s words speak to your soul. An awakening we all need to live in alignment with our higher being. She shows you that no matter where you are in the world you can take charge of your life and that you have all the tools you need within you. A must-read to feel joy and connection to ourselves that we all crave.

—Sam Fournier, YouTuber

Slow Living is a work of art. The words and advice on slow living in this wonderful book offer peace, insight, reflection, and wisdom to any reader. I observed a sense of calm within myself as I read its pages and appreciated the beautiful pictures. Helena implores us to slow down and cherish the wonder that exists in our world, and in doing so, come back to ourselves. I believe Helena reveals many of the secrets to genuine happiness and life satisfaction within these pages.

—Andrea Henkels, author of Herman Heals His Heart

Helena's book couldn't have come at a better time in an ever-increasingly fast-paced and distracting world. Her sensitivity, thoughtfulness, and intentionality are just what our bruised world needs right now. Slow Living highlights the importance of being present in the moment and coming home to yourself holistically. Full of thoughtful reflection and insight, this book will be a gentle yet essential reminder to reconnect to ourselves, our loved ones, and nature.

—Alanna O’Neil, author of The Art of Picnics and The Outdoor Table

This book is a gentle reminder and guide on how to be present with oneself, with nature, the world around and with ones current stage of life. Following these simple, yet powerful, activities described in this book will lead to a happier outlook on life.

—Bex of The Witches Cookery, YouTuber

Helena Woods is a creative storyteller, photographer, Youtuber and blogger. Her first love has always been writing, she's been writing stories since the age of 7 and has over 60 journals completed. She's been consistently blogging since 2015 and she currently writes a monthly column for Radiant Life Magazine. She's been a guest on several podcasts such as the Wild + Awake podcast with Bridget Nielsen, Cozy and Connected podcast, Health & Soul and Spiritual Assholes. She resides in France. You can visit for more on this author.