Modern Cast Iron: The Complete Guide to Selecting, Seasoning, Cooking, and More Spiral-Bound | August 18, 2020

Ashley L. Jones

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A comprehensive guide to all things cast iron and home-style cookin', Modern Cast Iron offers a new way for cooks to spice up the kitchen using all-natural tools and ingredients.

Warm, crumbly cornbread. Chicken sizzling in the pan. Childhood memories filled with delicious, home-cooked dishes and your family there to enjoy it with you. Cast iron's popularity faded in the '70s—replaced by chemically processed cookware—but today's cooks are reigniting a passion for wholesome cast-iron-cooked meals. This ain't your grandma's kitchen—caring for and cooking with cast iron is easy, healthy, and totally Pinterest worthy.

In Modern Cast Iron, self-proclaimed cast-iron connoisseur Ashley L. Jones recaptures the ease and joy of cooking with cast-iron cookware. Jones introduces readers to the best brands and types of cast-iron cookware to fulfill any cook's needs. She offers detailed tips and tricks for rescuing old, rusted pans and keeping them properly seasoned, and she shares recommendations for the best cooking oil for every recipe. With Jones's help, both experienced and beginner cooks will be able to rival grandma's cooking. Chock-full of stories from Jones's own childhood growing up with cast-iron meals, as well as recipe after tantalizing recipe—from breakfast quiche to gluten-free meals and beautiful blueberry cobbler—Modern Cast Iron explores the countless ways that cast iron benefits health and happiness.

A comprehensive guide to all things cast iron and home-style cookin', Modern Cast Iron offers a new way for cooks to spice up the kitchen using all-natural tools and ingredients.
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"This is a very well written and lavishly illustrated guide. . . . Five stars."—Nonstop Reader

"This easy-to-digest reference will be a boon to home cooks new to cast-iron cooking"—Publishers Weekly

"Jones' message of food and family resonates even more at a time when so many of us are staying home and sharing more meals as a family."—Rochelle Koff, TALLAHASSEE DEMOCRAT

"This is a great book for anyone who is interested in expanding their cast iron knowledge. If you are a pro, or a newbie, you'll find a new piece of information in this book, guaranteed."—Stuffed Shelves

"The author writes in a warm, personable style—and with great love of subject. After reading Modern Cast Iron, not only will you be hungry, you will understand why cast iron cookware becomes a family treasure shared through generations."—Virginia C., Booked Solid with Virginia C

"Cast-iron cookware is far from just dark, heavy pieces of metal that come to life when heat and food are added. In its own way, cast iron purveys sustenance, comfort, family memories, and a sense of 'home.' I have cast-iron skillets in every size, and I use at least one almost every day. Nothing better than cooking my Grands recipe in her skillet to make you fill right at home. This cookbook covers all the basics from buying, to seasoning and then cooking and keeping it in good condition to pass on to the next generation."—Lisa K., Lisa's Everyday Life

"Most people who are strongly against using soap on cast iron products had the lesson passed down to them from a parent or grandparent. There was a good reason for that, according to Ashley L. Jones, author of Modern Cast Iron: The Complete Guide to Selecting, Seasoning, Cooking, and More ($22, Amazon). "Our grandmothers told us to never, ever use soap or it would remove the pan's seasoning," Jones tells FIRST. "They were right, because the soap used back then contained lye which will strip a cast iron pan down to the silver." However, Jones explains that today's dish soap is a much milder detergent that she claims is perfectly safe to use on cast iron. "And if you're cooking up a pan full of shrimp alfredo, you're definitely going to want to wash it before baking a cobbler for dessert!"—Jess Catcher, First for Women

"Everything you ever wanted to know about cast iron and more! That's what you'll get in Ashley L. Jones' Modern Cast Iron: The Complete Guide to Selecting, Seasoning, Cooking, and More. . . . This excellent cookbook is "Cast Iron 101" and should be sitting on everyone's cookbook shelf. The recipes are excellent, they work well (at least the Peach Dutch Baby, Robby's Quiche (yum), and Shirley's Rice were perfect so far), and the instructions are easy-to-follow. . . . You'll want to pick up a good set of cast iron cookware to start cooking; the book will tell you what you need, and then when you get it, start using it, and find you love it, the book will tell you how to take care of it so that it will last several lifetimes. Highly Recommended."—Karen Hancock, BellaOnline

"Every proper Southern kitchen requires a few essential tools, and a good cast iron pan is foremost among them. Perfect for everything from frying chicken to baking cornbread to searing steaks, this do-it-all vessel produces flavor that today's nonstick pans just can't duplicate. "Cast-iron connoisseur" Ashley L. Jones, a Tallahassee-based blogger, professes her own love for this cookware in this beautifully photographed volume filled with classic recipes and tips."—Kelli Bozeman, inRegister

"The recipes within are simple, but since one of the main obstacles for home cooks is how to adapt their recipes for cast-iron cookware, this is where Modern Cast Iron proves its worth. A useful primer for a cook just starting out with cast iron."—Suzanne Krohn, Love in Paris, ShelfAwareness

"Modern Cast Iron is a great resource for anyone who wants to bring the spirit of minimalism into the kitchen. With an emphasis on family traditions and a healthy lifestyle, author Ashley L. Jones captures the spirit of having more with less."—Joshua Becker, author of The Minimalist Home

"I'm excited about Ashley L. Jones's new book—Modern Cast Iron: The Complete Guide to Selecting, Seasoning, Cooking, and More. Ashley's is a much-needed work for beginners and experienced cast-iron cooks. Many of the recipes are updated classics, with Ashley lending her experience and application of ingredients to craft healthier and more enjoyable results."—Mark H. Kelly, Lodge Manufacturing Company

"This isn't just an introduction to modern-day cast iron but a cooking journey from the past to the present. There are a million different ways to care for and cook in cast iron, and Ashley answers common questions including the history behind cast iron, how to clean, season, and more. Whether you're a newcomer or a 'seasoned' cast-iron lover, this book is a great overview of a timeless cookware."—Kent Rollins, author of A Taste of Cowboy

"Jones is a warm and charming guide to all things cast iron. She has a passion for every detail from the making of it, the preservation, and most importantly cooking with it. Lifelong fans of cast iron cooking as well as those just beginning their journey will be delighted by her depth of knowledge as well as passion. She does a beautiful job showcasing just how versatile cast iron cooking is and always has been."—Lauren May, Must Love Herbs

"Indulging the reader's every curiosity about cast iron, Jones delves into the nostalgia and venerable history of cast iron cooking across continents. Cooking, cleaning, seasoning, choosing pans and even how and who makes cast iron cookware today — every topic is covered in entertaining and easy to read prose. Whether because of sentimentality, health concerns or genuine preference, cooking has come full circle back to the days of cast iron cooking; Modern Cast Iron is the how-to manual to pass on to future generations along with your grandmother's favorite cast iron pan."—Jules E. Dowler Shepard, gfJules

"Ashley has put together a beautiful book full of practical tips and easy-to-tackle recipes that I cannot wait to try—especially the Crispy Coconut Chicken Tenders! I just flat love this book! The author didn't leave out anything—from how to care for your cast iron to the health benefits of using this precious cookware—and everything in between.  Modern Cast Iron: The Complete Guide to Selecting, Seasoning, Cooking, and More is perfect for the cast-iron snob to the cast-iron newbie, and I plan to purchase copies for all of the accomplished and not-so-accomplished cooks in my life"—Michelle Medlock Adams, author of The Perfect Persimmon

"Modern Cast Iron by Ashley Jones has successfully rekindled my desire to try cast-iron cooking once again! After numerous tries and multiple failures, Ashley's stories, practical tips, and yummy recipes make me think it's actually more accessible than I thought. I can't wait to add this book to my library and share with my friends!"—Victoria Duerstock, author of Heart & Home: Design Basics for Your Soul & Living Space
Ashley L. Jones is an author, blogger, and teacher, but she prefers the title of Big Sister. A firm believer that we all know something worth sharing, she started the blog Big Sister Knows as a way to encourage and inspire other young women to live with gusto. Ashley sees Modern Cast Iron as a continuation of that mission. Here, she not only instructs readers about cast-iron cookware but also inspires them to cook simple, wholesome foods and to gather with family around the table. Find your inspiration and follow Ashley's journey at