Risen Indeed: A Historical Investigation Into the Resurrection of Jesus Spiral-Bound |

Gary R. Habermas

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2021 Southwestern Journal of Theology Book of the Year Honorable Mention for Christian Worldview/Apologetics

A pivotal contribution to the history of apologetics.

Gary Habermas has spent a career defending the historicity and truthfulness of the resurrection of Jesus. But his earliest writing on Jesus' resurrection has been unavailable to the broader public, until now.

In Risen Indeed: A Historical Investigation Into the Resurrection of Jesus, readers will encounter Gary Habermas' foundational research into the historicity of the resurrection. With a new, extensive, introductory essay on contemporary scholarship regarding the resurrection, Habermas shows how the questions surrounding the historicity of the resurrection and arguments raised by critics are perennially important for Christian faith.

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There is no one�no one�alive today or in the past, who has researched the matter of the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus than Professor Gary Habermas. He has reflected on the matter for six decades! In addition to being the preeminent scholar on the topic, he is one of the very finest people I know and is loved and respected by Christians and even many skeptics.

�Michael Licona, Houston Baptist University

Gary R. Habermas (PhD, Michigan State University) is Distinguished Research Professor and chair of the department of philosophy at Liberty University. He is a foremost apologist on the historicity of Jesus' resurrection and has authored and coauthored over forty books, including The Historical Jesus and The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus (with Michael R. Licona).