Napoleon Hill's Secret: Apply Napoleon Hill's Success Principles in Your Life Spiral-Bound | April 4, 2023

Don Green

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“What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” —Napoleon Hill

A user's guide to applying Napoleon Hill's success principles! 

In this breakthrough new book, the world's foremost expert on Napoleon Hill, Don M. Green, distills the essence of Hill’s world-famous success principles:NAPOLEON HILL'S SECRET.  

In a word, that secret is “Action.” 

According to Don Green, who is also the Executive Director of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, if you can master this concept, you truly can achieve the success in your life that you envision. NAPOLEON HILL'S SECRET will teach you how. 

For Napoleon Hill, it all starts with a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA), and Don Green provides you with the tools that will help you develop and maintain this confident state of mind. The book is filled with: 

  • Exercises 
  • Practical tips for putting Hill’s concepts into action 
  • Motivational truths that will help you stay on track as you strive for reaching your goals, whatever they may be

Covering important topics such as: 

  • Surviving disappointments 
  • Taking risks 
  • Thinking like a boss
  • Creating harmony 
NAPOLEON HILL'S SECRET will lead you to discover what you define as success, develop a plan for creating that success, and then follow through on your plan. And if you do, you won't feel like the same person anymore. Other people will notice that you have changed. They'll change the way they react to you, and their ideas about who you are and what you can do will change as well.

If you read NAPOLEON HILL'S SECRET your life is going to change. Nothing will ever be the same.

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Praise for Everything I Know About Success I Learned from Napoleon Hill: Essential Lessons for Using the Power of Positive Thinking by Don Green

"This book is proof that dynamite comes in small packages." — Les Brown, noted author and motivational speaker

"Life lessons come in two forms: theoretical lessons and life experiences. In Everything I Know About Success I Learned from Napoleon Hill, Don has married the theoretical and the practical into one powerful tool. He weaves the timeless truths from the master, Napoleon Hill, with his own life's experience of overwhelming success." — Jim Stovall, bestselling author of The Ultimate Gift

"[Don Green] shares his brilliance and lifelong formula for success with you in Everything I Know About Success I Learned from Napoleon Hill." — Sharon Lechter, coauthor of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series and editor, Napoleon Hill's Outwitting the Devil

"Don Green has walked in the footsteps of, and sat in the chair of, Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone. That alone would not make him successful, were he not the consummate student, the tireless worker, and have the burning desire to succeed. Combine that with his wisdom and his ability to maintain the highest level of ethics. Don Green's career has been a book that has finally come to life--a book that will inspire you to a thousand new thoughts, and a million new dollars." — Jeffrey Gitomer, bestselling author of The Little Red Book of Selling

"Don has a simple way of sharing meaningful insights that make you want to stand up and cheer." — Ron Glosser, former bank CEO and CEO of Hershey Foundation

DON GREEN is executive director of the Napoleon Hill Foundation and president of the foundation board at the University of Virginia-Wise. He became CEO of Black Diamond Savings Bank at 41 and studied under personal development master W. Clement Stone. He travels extensively, lecturing worldwide for the Foundation. Most recently, Mr. Green was featured in a United Nations forum on the importance of entrepreneurship within the national economy.

Green's first youthful business venture was charging admission to see his pet bear-yes, the living, growling kind! Since 2000, Green has traveled worldwide and used his finance skills to grow the Napoleon Hill Foundation's funds in order to continue the Foundation's educational outreach to prisons. Green has both modeled leadership skills as a CEO and taught them through the PMA Science of Success course at the University of Virginia's College at Wise. Don specializes in discussing his personal experiences in leadership and providing audiences with proven methods of applying Dr. Hill's success philosophy to business.

Green brings nearly 45 years of banking, finance, and entrepreneurship experience to his role as Executive Director of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, and is the author of Everything I Know About Success I Learned from Napoleon Hill, Napoleon Hill My Mentor, Napoleon Hill's Your Millionaire Mindset and The Gift of Giving. He lives and works in the Wise metro area.