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The Spy Who Loved Me Spiral-Bound | October 16, 2012

Ian Fleming

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Set apart from the other books in Ian Fleming’s James Bond series, The Spy Who Loved Me is told from the perspective of a femme fatale in the making—a victim of circumstance with a wounded heart.

Vivienne Michel, a precocious French Canadian raised in the United Kingdom, seems a foreigner in every land. With only a supercharged Vespa and a handful of American dollars, she travels down winding roads into the pine forests of the Adirondacks. After stopping at the Dreamy Pines Motor Court and being coerced into caretaking at the vacant motel for the night, Viv opens the door to two armed mobsters and realizes being a woman alone is no easy task. But when a third stranger shows—a confident Englishman with a keen sense for sizing things up—the tables are turned.

Still reeling in the wake of Operation Thunderball, Bond had planned for his jaunt through the Adirondacks to be a period of rest before his return to Europe. But that all changes when his tire goes flat in front of a certain motel…

The text in this edition has been restored by the Fleming family company Ian Fleming Publications, to reflect the work as it was originally published.

Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Original Binding: Trade Paperback
Pages: 167 pages
ISBN-10: 1612185533
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“An ingenious affair, full of recondite knowledge and horrific spills and thrills.” The Times

“The most forceful and driving writer.” —Raymond Chandler

“Maniacally readable.” Observer

“Only Fleming could have got away with it…outrageously improbable, wickedly funny, wildly exciting.” Manchester Evening News

“Our foremost literary magician.” New York Herald Tribune

“One of the most cunningly synthesised heroes in crime-fiction.” —Maurice Richardson

“The espionage novel has been brought up to date by a superb practitioner of that nearly lost art: Ian Fleming.” The Los Angeles Times

“Fleming is one of the most accomplished of thriller-writers.” Listener

“Mr. Fleming is splendid; he stops at nothing.” New Statesman

“A sensational imagination, but informed by style, zest and—above all—knowledge.” Sunday Times

“Ian Fleming keeps you riveted. His narrative pulls with the smooth power of Bond’s Thunderbird.” Sunday Telegraph