Ruffage: A Practical Guide to Vegetables Spiral-Bound | April 23, 2019

Abra Berens, Lucy Engelman (Illustrated by), EE Berger (By (photographer))

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Vegetables made easy, accessible, and exciting in a gorgeous James Beard Award Nominee cookbook by trailblazing chef and former farmer Abra Berens.

"This book acts as a veritable encyclopedia of vegetables, with over 100 recipes and 200-plus variations featuring 29 different types of produce."—mindbodygreen

Ruffage focuses on the simple techniques that help any cook prepare a variety of delicious vegetables in a number of ways. Filled with strategies and practical advice from acclaimed Midwestern chef Abra Berens, author of the acclaimed Grist, this plant-forward cookbook tackles the question home cooks ask themselves about vegetables: How do I cook this? How do I make this exciting? Do I store this in the fridge? How do I make this into dinner?

Mouthwatering recipes include Shaved Cabbage with Chili Oil, Cilantro, and Charred Melon; Blistered Cucumbers with Cumin Yogurt and Parsley; Charred Head Lettuce with Hard-Boiled Egg, Anchovy Vinaigrette, and Garlic Bread Crumbs; Massaged Kale with Creamed Mozzarella, Tomatoes, and Wild Rice; Poached Radishes with White Wine, Chicken Stock and Butter; and much more.

A how-to vegetable cookbook spanning 29 types of vegetables, these recipes and techniques result in new flavors, textures, and ways to enjoy all the vegetables you want to eat. From confit to caramelized and everything in between—braised, blistered, roasted, and raw—the cooking methods covered here make this a go-to reference for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. You will never look at vegetables the same way again.

WHAT'S INSIDE: Organized alphabetically by vegetable, from asparagus to zucchini, each chapter opens with an homage to the ingredients and variations on how to prepare them. Features 100 straightforward recipes, each with 3 or more variations, and 140 photographs that show off not only the finished dishes, but also the vegetables and farms behind them.

AMONG THE BEST VEGETABLE COOKBOOKS: Named a Best Cookbook by the New York Times and Bon Appetit (Spring 2019) and nominated for 2020 James Beard Award for Best Cookbooks – Vegetable-Focused Cooking.

VEGGIE STARS & SIDES: Ruffage will help you become empowered to shop for, store, and cook vegetables every day and in a variety of ways as a side or a main meal. Take any recipe in this book and add a roasted chicken thigh, seared piece of fish, or hard-boiled egg to turn the dish into a meal not just vegetarians will enjoy.

Perfect for:
  • Gift or self-purchase for home cooks, cookbook collectors, and food enthusiasts
  • Anyone wanting to explore a vegetable-forward lifestyle
  • Fans of Six Seasons; One Pan, Two Plates; Salad FreakMilk Street Vegetables; or Yotam Ottolenghi cookbooks
  • Pair with Berens's Grist: A Practical Guide to Cooking Grains, Beans, Seeds, and Legumes, named a New York Times Best Cookbook of 2021
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Original Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 464 pages
ISBN-10: 1452169322
Item Weight: 3.1 lbs
Dimensions: 7.3 x 1.7 x 9.7 inches
Customer Reviews: 4 out of 5 stars 101 to 500 ratings

Independent Publishers Book Awards Silver Medal Winner: Cookbooks – General

Abra Berens is a chef, writer, and cofounder of Bare Knuckle Farm. She lives in Galien, Michigan.

EE Berger is a food and lifestyle photographer based in Detroit, Michigan.

Lucy Engelman is an illustrator based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.