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BNSF Railway Spiral-Bound | August 15, 2019

Richard Billingsley

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Seen through the lens of a UK-based photographer, this book shows wonderful photos of one of the world's largest and most iconic railways.

With tracks and trackage rights that cover more than half of the states in the union, the Burlington Northern & Santa Fe is one of the true giants not just of the United States, but of the entire global rail scene. From the vast mileages of the Trans-Con routes through the deserts to the dense networks of the great cities, the BNSF Railway’s 8,000 orange locomotives are an everyday part of life for much of America. With multiple locomotives pulling mile-and-a-half-long freight trains, not to mention the odd venture onto passenger trains, the variety of workings and traffic will capture the interest of rail fans the world over.Seen through the lens of a UK-based photographer, this book shows not just the motive power but also the loads, the places they go to and the places they pass through.
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Richard Billingsley was first called to the railway in 1975 as a 9 year old lad, fascinated by the bells and clunks from a Great Western era signalbox. Relocating to North Wales in the early 2000s, the author has created an extensive record of the modern history of the line across the North Wales coast. Bored of the increasingly sterile UK railscene, he first discovered the American railroad during a family holiday to Florida in 2008. Immediately captivated, he's returned to capture the scene over a dozen times since, photographing the railroad in more than 20 states.