Unfiltered: Proven Strategies to Start and Grow Your Business by Not Following the Rules Spiral-Bound | September 20, 2022

Rachel Pedersen

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Get fired up to launch a business, creative project, or side hustle—and build your dreams on your own terms—with unconventional wisdom from the “Queen of Social Media.”

In 2013, Rachel Pedersen was a single mom, freshly off of food stamps and struggling to get her life on track. Three years later, she left her 9-to-5 job and launched a consulting business with her husband. Today, she is the founder and CEO of two multimillion-dollar companies and an expert in every aspect of social media, helping businesses 10X (or 100X!) with massive, needle-moving growth. She didn’t get there by following somebody else’s rules.

Using personal stories that both instruct and inspire, Unfiltered shares the lessons Rachel has learned on her incredible journey from welfare to millions—and gives you a new way to think about what success can look like in your life.

Readers will find:
  • Practical strategies for starting and building a business, including savvy guidelines for using social media marketing
  • Real-life examples from Rachel’s clients and her own experience
  • Essential practices you can’t take for granted—from cultivating good business habits to building a solid circle of support
  • Advice for hanging on when your entrepreneurship journey becomes an emotional roller coaster
  • A roadmap for finding your own way to get ahead—without sacrificing the things that matter most
  • And much more
 Create your dream business and life, starting today.
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Original Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 280 pages
ISBN-10: 1401967515
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Customer Reviews: 4 out of 5 stars 31 to 100 ratings
Rachel Pedersen has much to teach us about how to start a business from nothing and grow it into an empire, because she speaks from experience—going from a single mom on food stamps to CEO of two multimillion-dollar companies. She knows firsthand all of the challenges and setbacks you will face and gives invaluable practical advice on how to overcome them. She will also teach you how to work magic with social media. This book is gold for aspiring entrepreneurs. - Robert Greene, New York Times best-selling author of The 48 Laws of Power

Rachel is a truly heart-centered entrepreneur, and it shows in this book. Run, don’t walk, to buy it, read it, and apply the invaluable wisdom in this book! - Annie Grace, best-selling author of The Alcohol Experiment

Living in this digital world gives us all an opportunity to hide our true selves. We can filter our imperfections, delete our mistakes, and edit our real lives. Rachel is one of the few exceptions. Read her book and you'll be inspired. Apply it and you'll experience new business breakthroughs. - Kary Oberbrunner, Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling author and CEO of Igniting Souls Publishing Agency

The most modern, practical, and inspiring book available today for learning how to love yourself and your life as an entrepreneur. Herein you’ll find everything you need to know about designing, envisioning, starting, and virally growing your biz or side hustle using the latest techniques and trends. Yes, you can do this, anyone can, and you’re about to learn how. - Mike Dooley, New York Times best-selling author of Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams

Rachel is a legend in the making . . . and this book cements her status as someone who is knowledgeable but relatable. Her emotional anecdotes will take you on a wild journey, while her business advice is broken down beautifully with action steps. Bravo to this book and to Rachel! - Amanda Holmes, CEO of Chet Holmes International

is full of practical, hands-on advice for business owners and marketers alike. Rachel shares lessons that will save many business owners so much heartache, plus her stories will bring you on an emotional journey as you self-identify areas for growth in your business goals and dreams. - Chris Voss, former FBI hostage negotiator, CEO and founder of Black Swan Group, and author of Never Split the Difference

Your future self will thank you for investing in this book. In Unfiltered, Rachel Pedersen offers up inspiration and intentional steps you can take to turn your dream into a real business. - Michael Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner

Rachel is one of the most authentic, giving, and POWERFUL entrepreneurs I have ever met. She’s an absolute force of nature and has impacted so many people for the better. The wisdom she shares is proven and actionable. When she speaks, I make it a point to listen. I recommend you do the same. - Kasim Aslam, founder of Solutions 8

Rachel’s growth is astonishing, and I have witnessed her becoming a powerhouse and a beacon of belief for those who want to do the same. She is committed to passing on that growth and development to all those around her! From single mom on welfare to a transformational leader . . . she pours her heart into everything she does, including this book! - Krista Mashore, best-selling author and founder of Krista Mashore Coaching

So many authors only show us the polished shiny end result, making it hard to see how we could ever compare or achieve success. Rachel share insights and strategies while letting us in on the real raw journey. She has changed and grown so much since starting her business. Her growth is continually showcased as a beacon of possibility for her community members in everything that she does, including this powerful book! - Molly Mahoney, social media growth strategist (known as The Prepared Performer)

Rachel Pedersen is one of the most authentic life-changing women I know, and this book is proof that we don't need to hide who we are or what our ambitions are; we don't need to fit a mold to make a real and massive impact. - Rachel Miller, digital marketing strategist and specialist in social media organic growth

In a world full of confusing business advice and gurus telling you who/how to be, Rachel cuts through the noise and delivers a powerful road map and instantly actionable steps based on proven paths and results. Don’t walk, run to buy this book! - Sarah Petty, New York Times best-selling author of Worth Every Penny

This book is a must-read for business owners, marketers, and freelancers. - Peng Joon, author of Build a Money Machine and leading authority in wealth creation online

Unfiltered guides you to fully think through your entrepreneurial vision. The insight you gain from reading Rachel’s book will serve you well—whether you are just getting started or needing to fine-tune what you are already doing to get better results. Being a business owner is a marathon and not a sprint, something that Rachel understands very well. This book will show you how to effectively communicate with clients, set clear expectations, and put in place what is needed to have a healthy work-life balance. - Annie Hyman Pratt, founder of Leading Edge Teams and author of The People Part
Rachel Pedersen is CEO of an award-winning international digital marketing agency and founder of Social Media United, the leading online education center for social media managers. As a full-time social media consultant and strategist, she empowers business owners and social media managers to leverage social media and fast-track their growth trajectories. With her husband, Poul, who’s also her business partner and COO, she is raising three children and supporting many thousands of students and clients and millions more fans and followers on the amazing journey of entrepreneurship—helping them find freedom and joy along the way. www.rachelpedersen.com

Author Residence: Eden Prairie, MN