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Bark vs. Snark: (A Queenie and Arthur Novel) Spiral-Bound | October 6, 2020

Spencer Quinn

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From New York Times bestseller Spencer Quinn comes book 3 in the laugh-out-loud series about the most epic rivalry of our time... Arthur the dog vs. Queenie the cat.Arthur doesn't always remember where he buried his bone, or what he was doing before he started scratching his ear, but he never forgets three important facts:1) Bacon is delicious2) He loves his humans, twins Bro and Harmony, with all his heart3) Queenie the cat is out to destroy himSo when Queenie wins first place in a feline beauty contest at the county fair, Arthur expects her to be snootier than ever. (Even though she barely beat out another cat who looked almost exactly like her.) Yet when Queenie returns from the fair, she seems oddly nice and sociable -- almost like she's had a personality change!The humans chalk up Queenie's good mood to her recent win, but Arthur knows the truth. He can tell from the smell that this friendly Queenie is an imposter! Yet before he can decide what to do, Cuthbert the Clown -- the only one who knows what's really going on -- turns up missing. Arthur wants to help his humans find Cuthbert, but he has seen some disturbing things they have not. Can he solve a mystery on his own? Or will he have to accept that he needs Queenie as much as he needs bacon?
Publisher: Scholastic (Trade Publishing)
Original Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 304 pages
ISBN-10: 133824583X
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Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.91 x 8.3 inches
Praise for Paws vs. Claws (An Arthur and Queenie Mystery, Book 2):"Fabulous fun." -- Kirkus ReviewsPraise for Woof (Bowser and Birdie, Book 1):"I defy anyone to read this book -- kid or adult -- without a big, goofy grin."-- Harlan Coben, #1 New York Times bestselling author"Imagine Scout Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird setting out to solve a mystery with the aid of a charming, slobbery dog. You'll wish you had Birdie and Bowser as your very best friends." -- Kathryn Lasky, New York Times bestselling author"Bowser and Birdie send me into giggle fits and won my heart. Bowser deserves the Bucketful of Bacon Award for Best Dog Ever!" -- Jude Watson, New York Times bestselling author
Spencer Quinn is the author of the New York Times bestselling Chet and Bernie mystery books and the stand-alone novel The Right Side, both for adults. His novels for kids include the New York Times bestselling Bowser and Birdie novel, Woof, and the follow-up, Arf, as well as the Edgar Award-nominated Echo Falls series. Spencer lives with his wife, Diana, and dogs, Audrey and Pearl, on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.