When Pencil Met Eraser Spiral-Bound | May 28, 2019

Karen Kilpatrick, Luis O. Ramos, Jr., German Blanco (Illustrated by)

Rebinding by Spiralverse

★★★★☆+ from 501 to 1,000 ratings

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This funny and clever picture book shows how Pencil met Eraser—and why they work so well together.

Does a pencil really need an eraser? Not according to Pencil. Everything Pencil draws is already perfect—no erasing needed. But Eraser has some different ideas. Cue a battle of the wills where Pencil soon discovers that what it puts on the page gets even better when Eraser takes some away.

This hilarious and clever picture book lets Eraser show Pencil—and the rest of us—how to try new things, see the sky through the trees, and form an inseparable friendship with someone who might at first seem like your worst enemy.

In the spirit of The Day the Crayons Quit, When Pencil Met Eraser enlivens something we all use every day with engaging art, adorable characters, and a clever ending. The result? A funny, effective message about friendship and creativity.

Publisher: Macmillan
Original Binding: Hardcover Picture Book
Pages: 40 pages
ISBN-10: 1250309395
Item Weight: 0.9 lbs
Dimensions: 11.3 x 0.4 x 8.9 inches
Customer Reviews: 4 out of 5 stars 501 to 1,000 ratings