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For When I'm In My Feels - Devotional for College Women: A Prayer & Reflections Devotional Spiral-Bound | October 1, 2022

Mac Bridges, Mackenzie Durham

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In this companion devotional to the In My Feels Bible Study, Kenz Durham and Mac Bridges provide prayer and devotional messages that help young women manage the ups and downs of eight core emotions.

Devotions for All Your Feels

Have you ever found yourself in your feels? If so, you’ve come to the right place. While it feels easier at times to drown inside your feelings or even ignore them, God is inviting you to so much more. He actually wants you to feel all the things, but God also wants you to experience His love, goodness, and mercy in light of what you’re feeling. Join Mac Bridges and Kenz Durham through these forty devotions—divided into sections based on eight core feelings—to discover that God desires to speak to you through His Word and prayer no matter what you’re feeling today. 

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MacKenzie Bridges (Mac) is the Executive Director of Strategy and Spiritual Development and Co-Founder of Delight Ministries, a national college women’s ministry. Mac co-founded this woman based Bible study with fellow Belmont student MacKenzie Durham. By graduation, the duo was committed to getting Delight chapters on every college campus. And they are doing just that, Delight 140 chapters across the nation and in the United Kingdom and Uganda. When Mac is not at her computer or traveling for work, she can be found boxing at her local gym, trying new restaurants in her hometown of Nashville, TN or spending time with her family
MacKenzie Durham (Kenz) serves as the Executive Director of Staff and Program Development and Co-founder of Delight Ministries. Kenz and fellow Belmont student MacKenzie Bridges sought out to fill a need with a Bible study centered around the idea of vulnerably sharing God’s work in everyday life. This Bible study has now turned into a full-time ministry serving women on over 140 campuses across the United States and in Now, this Bible study they started during their sophomore year of college is changing the United Kingdom and Uganda. When Kenz is not at her computer or traveling for work, she can be found on long runs with her very large pup, hanging out with girlfriends, or serving at her local church.
About Delight Ministries
MacKenzie Bridges (Mac) and MacKenzie Durham (Kenz) are entrepreneurs, podcasters, authors, and the founders of Delight Ministries, an organization that empowers, educates and provides a community for college women across the United States. Delight Ministries is on a mission to invite college women into a Christ-centered community that fosters vulnerability and transforms lives. Driven by the power of stories to move, inspire, and change, Delight’s curriculum and semester-phased book series merge real accounts on relevant topics with scripture and thoughtful questions to inspire conversation, complemented by an app encouraging further engagement. Today Delight Ministries has supported the launch of chapters on 205 college campuses nationwide and in the United Kingdom and Uganda, enriching the lives of thousands of members with deep friendships forged through open, honest, and vulnerable conversations