2600 Phrases for Setting Effective Performance Goals: Ready-to-Use Phrases That Really Get Results Spiral-Bound |

Paul Falcone

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The first step to helping your employees succeed? Establishing compelling, actionable performance goals. This quick-reference guide helps managers craft individualized goals that inspire exceptional results.

As a manager, you aren’t truly successful unless your employees are as well. Helping them establish compelling, actionable performance goals is the first and most important step, and this handbook is there to lend a hand.

A follow-up to the bestselling 2600 Phrases for Effective Performance Reviews, HR executive Paul Falcone provides you with ready-to-use performance goals organized by the characteristics and core competencies used most often in the appraisal process. From attendance and attitude to teamwork and time management, managers will find the language they need to inspire exceptional results.

In 2600 Phrases for Setting Effective Performance Goals, Falcone shows you how to: 

  • Build on individuals’ strengths rather than compensating for their weaknesses.
  • Help your employees feel engaged and self-motivated.
  • Develop an “accomplishment mentality” that encourages your staff to constantly reinvent themselves based on the organization’s needs.
  • Encourage retention by developing realistic, customized goals that prepare them for their next career move.
  • Determine appropriate follow-up intervals and measurable benchmarks to determine progress throughout the year.

2600 Phrases for Setting Effective Performance Goals also shares language tailored to many of the most common positions in sales and marketing, accounting and finance, HR, IT, legal, manufacturing, operations, and more.

If your employees don’t succeed, neither will you. This one-of-a-kind guide enables you to get more done through others and develop your own leadership abilities along the way.

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Paul Falcone is principal of Paul Falcone Workplace Leadership Consulting, LLC, specializing in management and leadership training, executive coaching, international keynote speaking, and facilitating corporate offsite retreats. He is the former CHRO of Nickelodeon and has held senior-level HR positions with Paramount Pictures, Time Warner, and City of Hope. He has extensive experience in entertainment, healthcare/biotech, and financial services, including in international, nonprofit, and union environments.

Paul is the author of a number of books, many of which have been ranked as #1 Amazon bestsellers in the categories of human resources management, business and organizational learning, labor and employment law, business mentoring and coaching, business conflict resolution and mediation, communication in management, and business decision-making and problem-solving. His books have been translated into Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Turkish.

Paul is a certified executive coach through the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching program, a long-term columnist for SHRM.org and HR Magazine, and an adjunct faculty member in UCLA Extension's School of Business and Management. He is an accomplished keynote presenter, in-house trainer, and webinar facilitator in the areas of talent and performance management, leadership development, and effective leadership communication.