Learning to See: A Photographer’s Guide from Zero to Your First Paid Gigs Spiral-Bound |

David Molnar

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Whether you want to improve your photography skills as a hobbyist or start a photography business, this easy-to-follow guide will teach you what you need to grow from beginner to professional.

Whether you want to take better photos in your everyday life or make a full-time income as a photographer, author and professional photographer David Molnar shows you where to start. 

In Learning to See,?the five-part framework teaches you how to:

  • See: have a vision for your shot and execute that vision
  • Shoot: become technically proficient with your camera
  • Edit: help re-create the emotion from the day of the shoot
  • Develop: identify your area of focus for photography
  • Earn: start getting paid for your art

It’s a proven process every photographer follows but few talk about. However, if you use it, it will shave years off the learning curve David himself went through as an amateur photographer.

Learning to See teaches you to learn to see, because in the end, that’s what a photographer does: notice what other people often miss and understand how to capture those things in a masterful way.

Publisher: HarperCollins Focus
Original Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 256 pages
ISBN-10: 0785253661
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David Molnar is a celebrity and advertising photographer, believer, and family man. His work has been seen on millions of Pepsi cans, in People magazine, on American Idol, and in the New York Times. His clients include Google, Pepsi, and Sony, among many others. Feeling so blessed to be realizing his dreams, David is now focusing on being "Your Photography Mentor." He is helping tens of thousands of photographers pursue their dreams by creating world-class photo education, inspiration, and resources.