Well Traveled Spiral-Bound | December 6, 2022

Jen DeLuca

★★★☆☆+ from 10,001 to 50,000 ratings

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The Renaissance Faire is on the move, and Lulu and Dex are along for the ride, in the next utterly charming rom-com from Jen DeLuca.

A high-powered attorney from a success-oriented family, Louisa "Lulu" Malone lives to work, and everything seems to be going right, until the day she realizes it’s all wrong. Lulu’s cousin Mitch introduced her to the world of Renaissance Faires, and when she spies one at a time just when she needs an escape, she leaps into the welcoming environment of turkey legs, taverns, and tarot readers. The only drawback? Dex MacLean: a guitarist with a killer smile, the Casanova of the Faire… and her traveling companion for the summer.
Dex has never had to work for much in his life, and why should he? Touring with his brothers as The Dueling Kilts is going great, and he always finds a woman at every Faire. But when Lulu proves indifferent to his many plaid charms and a shake-up threatens the fate of the band, Dex must confront something he never has before: his future.
Forced to spend days and nights together on the road, Lulu’s interest in the kilted bad boy grows as he shows her a side of himself no one else has seen. The stresses of her old lifestyle fade away as she learns to trust her intuition and follow her heart instead of her head. But when her time on the road is over, will Lulu go with her gut, or are she and Dex destined for separate paths?

Story Locale:Willow Creek, MD
Publisher: Penguin Random House
Original Binding: Trade Paperback
Pages: 336 pages
ISBN-10: 0593200462
Item Weight: 1.18 lbs
Dimensions: 5.5 x 1.31 x 8.2 inches
Customer Reviews: 3 out of 5 stars 10,001 to 50,000 ratings
"Well Traveled is a true comfort read. Jen DeLuca is at the top of her game with this delightfully charming romance that will wrap cosily around your heart and warm it through. Lovable characters and the marvellously rendered world of the Renaissance Fair make the novel feel so real, and so very enjoyable. I recommend it highly."—India Holton, national bestselling author of The League of Gentlewomen Witches

"Lulu may live to work, but she didn't have to work for me to love her. Jen DeLuca has done it again, crafting another heartfelt rom-com that will make the dreamers in all of us squeal with delight!"—Kosoko Jackson, author of I'm So Not Over You

“Charming, compassionate and romantic, Well Traveled is a rich return to the Renaissance Faire, full of the delightful details DeLuca delivers in every wonderful installment. We loved every lyrical moment of Lulu and Dex’s journey—a full-hearted story of following the song in your heart and finding your own path.”—Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund-Broka, authors of The Roughest Draft

“DeLuca has a steady hand with this duo’s slow-burning chemistry, making their connection feel entirely earned. Fans and new readers alike will be drawn in.”--Publishers Weekly

“Amid the unique setting and a stock of colorful side characters, both old and new, DeLuca’s latest gives fans more of what they love about her popular series, which has particularly well-developed protagonists.”--Library Journal

"Warm, sweet, and hopeful, Well Matched is about daring to come out of your shell and building the life you always wanted."—Helen Hoang, USA TODAY bestselling author of The Heart Principle

“This series is one of my ultimate comfort reads. I knew I’d adore April and Mitch together, but I didn’t realize how deeply obsessed with them I’d be. Well Matched is for anyone whose life hasn’t gone according to plan, and about all the joys that come with veering off course. Warm and witty, sweet and sexy—this tender hug of a book is Jen DeLuca at her best.”—Rachel Lynn Solomon, national bestselling author of Weather Girl

“Jen Deluca writes with exceptional warmth. Well Matched is cozy, sweet, and brimming with charm. It’s such a joy to go back to the faire with Mitch and April!”—Rosie Danan, national bestselling author of The Intimacy Experiment

"Well Matched is completely charming and delightfully touching. DeLuca delivers a love story that leaves you feeling as warm and fuzzy as you are hot and bothered. April's vulnerability and humor are endearing and Mitch is book boyfriend goals in a kilt--I couldn't put it down."—Denise Williams, author of The Fastest Way to Fall

"With well-drawn characters and laugh-out-loud scenes, Well Matched is a perfect opposites-attract romance."—Shelf Awareness

"The Faire is a unique setting, and Lulu and Dex’s relationship feels both realistic and fun, making this an easy and perfectly charming read."--Kirkus
Jen DeLuca was born and raised near Richmond, Virginia, but now lives in Arizona with her husband and a houseful of rescue pets. She loves latte-flavored lattes, Hokies football, and the Oxford comma. Her novels, Well Met, Well Played, Well Matched, and Well Traveled were inspired by her time volunteering as a pub wench with her local Renaissance Faire.

Author Residence: Tucson, Arizona