Warren Buffett: Investor and Entrepreneur Spiral-Bound |

Todd A. Finkle

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Warren Buffett is perhaps the most accomplished investor of all time. The CEO and chair of Berkshire Hathaway has earned admiration for not only his financial feats but also the philosophy behind them. Todd A. Finkle provides striking new insights into Buffett’s career through the lens of entrepreneurship. This book demonstrates that although Buffett is thought of primarily as an investor, one of the secrets to his success has been running Berkshire as an entrepreneur.

Finkle—a Buffett family friend—shares his perspective on Buffett’s early life and business ventures. The book traces the entrepreneurial paths that shaped Buffett’s career, from selling gum door-to-door during childhood to forming Berkshire Hathaway and developing it into a global conglomerate through the imaginative deployment of financial instruments and creative deal making. Finkle considers Buffett’s investment methodology, management strategy, and personal philosophy on building a rewarding life in terms of entrepreneurship. He also zeros in on Buffett’s longtime business partner, Charlie Munger, and his contributions to Berkshire’s success. Finkle draws key lessons from Buffett’s mistakes as well as his successes, using these failures to explore the ways behavioral biases can affect investors and how to overcome them.

By viewing Buffett as an entrepreneur, this book offers readers a fresh take on one of the world’s best-known financial titans.
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Tying together the wonderful history of Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway with the evolution of modern finance is a remarkable feat. Todd A. Finkle has done just that with this readable, up-to-the-minute book. -Adam J. Mead, author of The Complete Financial History of Berkshire Hathaway, CEO/chief investment officer, Mead Capital Management
Todd A. Finkle is the Pigott Professor of Entrepreneurship at Gonzaga University. He is also an investor, entrepreneur, speaker, and consultant who has worked with a wide range of organizations.