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Diamonds: Their History, Sources, Qualities and Benefits Spiral-Bound |

Renee Newman

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The beauty and sparkle and mystique of diamonds is unmatched by that of any other gem in the world.

Since early times, diamonds have been treasured as good luck charms, remarkable tools and status symbols and have been worn, collected and presented as lavish gifts. Today, diamonds remain among the most sought-after gemstones and continue to hold their value through good times and bad.

In Diamonds, author Renée Newman, a graduate gemologist and author of many trade-level handbooks on gemstones, invites the reader on a journey into the fascinating world of diamonds. This lavishly illustrated guide -- which features hundreds of photos, maps and diagrams -- covers everything from mining, cutting and evaluating diamonds to the romantic histories of some of the world's most valuable stones.

Diamonds includes chapters on:

  • What a diamond is -- its significance from antiquity to the present day and what it represents from different perspectives
  • The process and history of mining diamonds -- the locations (both modern and historical) as well as the techniques used to mine diamonds
  • The evolution of diamond cutting -- how a diamond is processed and what are the key cuts and shapes to know
  • Diamond jewelry through the ages -- how diamonds have been used in jewelry from pre-Georgian times to today
  • Evaluating and pricing diamonds -- how diamonds are priced based on their many value factors, such as color, carat weight, cut, clarity, and so on
  • Man-made diamonds
  • The remarkable benefits of diamonds.

As beautiful as they are precious and as useful as they are decorative, diamonds continue to fascinate and allure. Diamonds will be a welcome guide for anyone who has felt the romance and power of these fascinating gems. It will also be a useful resource for professionals in the jewelry trade.

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This coffee-table book from gemologist Newman (Diamond Handbook: A Practical Guide to Diamond Evaluation) covers diamond lore, mining and processing, and more. With detailed, larger-than-life photographs, along with maps and illustrations, Newman explores cuts (rose, brilliant, emerald), jewelry styles (Victorian, art deco, modern), and pricing considerations. Newman mentions only briefly the social and environmental impacts of diamond mining, and in a generally positive light (for instance, she describes De Beers's GemFair program as connecting "artisanal and small-scale miners to the global market through digital technology and assurance of ethical working standards")... Brilliant, oversize images of loose stones at all stages and in custom-made jewelry will draw gem buffs, jewelry makers, collectors, and historians. -Maggie Knapp

Renée Newman is a highly respected gemologist and the author of over 13 guides to gems and jewelry. Her books have been used worldwide as sales-training tools, buying guides, class texts and references for jewelry professionals. She earned her graduate gemologist diploma from the prestigious Gemological Institute of America (GIA). She lives in Los Angeles.