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Wolf Moon Spiral-Bound | January 19, 2004

Charles de Lint

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His name when he was human was Kern.  Now he is the most feared of beings: a werewolf.  When the change first came upon him, his parents drove him away with silver daggers.  Later, he sought human companionship, but he could not hide the truth for long.  And so he kept running until he ran headlong into the deadliest pursuer of all-a harper bent on stealing his life away.  By chance Kern was able to find refuge at the Inn of the Yellow Tinker, and the woman he was destined to love.  But can he risk both human and harper vengeance to keep her?
Publisher: Penguin Random House
Original Binding: Mass Market
Pages: 256 pages
ISBN-10: 0142400777
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Dimensions: 4.3 x 0.7 x 7.0 inches
"[This is] a prose ballad with lyrical grace, and readers will gladly pass their time by the fire as the harper strums landscapes and characters from his strings and spins the tale."-Rambles

"One of the most original fantasy writes currently working."--Booklist

"Charles de Lint is one of the most gifted storytellers writing fantasy today."--Locus

"Charles de Lint shows that fantasy can be the deep mythic literature of our time."--Fantasy and Science Fiction
Charles de Lint is the author of many widely acclaimed novels and short story collections, including Moonlight and Vines, Forests of the Heart, The Onion Girl, Waifs and Strays, and The Painted Boy and  is also the winner of the World Fantasy Award. He lives with his wife--kindred spirit, fellow musician and artist--MaryAnn Harris, in Ottawa. Canada. Visit Charles de Lint at